The Academy of Orthodontic Assisting (AOA) will present a number of hands-on courses for staff members who attend the meeting in Denver.

Each session is $45, or attendees can choose any four sessions for $150. Courses will be taught by trained instructors from the AOA.

Among the courses dealing with taking records are the following:

• Excellent Orthodontic Photography Technique

Participants will practice the skills and techniques needed to take quality orthodontic clinical photographs, both intraoral and extraoral. Participants will also practice downloading, organizing, and cropping digital photographs.

• Quality Orthodontic X-rays

In this workshop, staff members will learn to improve the quality of their x-ray images through proper positioning, machine settings, and other techniques.

• Making a Great Impression

Attendees will gain experience taking alginate impressions. Participants will take impressions of each others’ teeth and analyze each one to learn what it takes to consistently make the best impressions.

• Quality PVS Impressions

Participants will practice taking PVS impression, which are critical for fabrication of several types of active orthodontic appliances. This class will teach two methods of making PVS impressions.