The “San Diego Series” tutorials showcase cases ranging from medium to severe difficulty and are designed to enhance orthodontic practitioners’ MB 5.0 skills. 

Drs Richard McLaughlin and John Bennett are launching a new video tutorial series aimed at helping orthodontists enhance their skills with the MB 5.0 System. Dubbed the “San Diego Series,” the tutorials showcase cases ranging from medium to severe difficulty, and are designed for orthodontists, university teachers, and senior orthodontic residents. 

The McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 (MB 5.0) System, or philosophy, includes a range of brackets, along with precise information on placement and full information on arch form and force levels. It is elucidated in the pair’s best-selling textbooks and series of 18 teaching videos. 

“We have spent many years perfecting the McLaughlin-Bennett treatment philosophy, and these videos are the next step in helping to share our knowledge,” said Dr John Bennett. “High quality, well explained cases are something that the teachers of tomorrow’s orthodontic professionals will find invaluable, and that is exactly what we have set out to provide.” 

To showcase the new series, the team recently released a 36-minute teaser video at

McLaughlin, based in San Diego, and Bennett, based in London, are award-winning authors and teachers, and have published four books together. Their fourth book, Fundamentals of Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics, is currently available from Forestadent in 10 languages. They are behind the McLaughlin-Bennett-Trevisi 1997 prescription. Currently the two are advisors to the Forestadent