The founders of INBRACE, KLOwen Braces, and LightForce Orthodontics are teaming up for the Digital Braces & Innovation Summit. Set to address the digital evolution in the field of orthodontics, John Pham, DDS, MS, chief executive officer/co-founder of INBRACE, Brandon Owen, DDS, MS, inventor of the KLOwen custom braces system, and Alfred C. Griffin III, DMD, PhD, founder and creator of LightForce Orthodontics, will host the summit on February 28 thru 29, in Denver, Colo. The three will lead a discussion about their fixed appliance technologies—and define how they are helping orthodontists take control of the orthodontic profession.

Speakers of the summit are set to discuss collaboration initiatives in orthodontic product development and how the specialty is better served when companies support each other and offer avenues to reach common, yet non-competing, markets. In addition, they will discuss the role of innovative industry players in moving the field forward while offering practical application of the featured products.  

Pham is a former aerospace engineer and ABO certified orthodontist, who focuses on the latest advancements in CAD/CAM technology. Owen is the first orthodontist in North America to do in-office digital indirect bonding and the first dentist in North America to do a CAD/CAM 3D printed night guard. Griffin’s LightForce Orthodontics, which launched in 2015, was the first company to apply mass-customization and advanced 3D printing technology.

To register for the Summit and access the schedule of events, visit or contact Adriana LeBer at [email protected] or 949-378-3545.