The two have partnered on remediation services for the Remediate+ Program, a fully customizable remediation program. 

Promethan Dental Systems (PDS) has formed an exclusive partnership with the American Association of Dental Boards (AADB) to provide exclusive remediation services for the Remediate+ Program. 

PDS provides educational courses and services across the entire dental life cycle—pre-dental/hygiene and international student admissions; dental and hygiene students, both on track and those who need remediation; dental and hygiene graduates seeking a license to practice; dentists and hygienists continuing education courses; and dentists and hygienists requiring remediation or re-licensure. Promethean has an exclusive relationship with the Simodont Virtual Haptic Dental Trainer. 

According to PDS, Remediate+ is a fully customized remediation program designed to help support state and territory dental boards in their mission to educate oral health practitioners who who signs on benefitting from additional training. Services reportedly are provided to meet the customized needs of all state and territory dental boards. 

Remediate+ utilizes standardized courses and assessments that are combined to create customized educational services to meet each

individual dental professional’s needs. The company says remediation courses will be taught in a multimodal format and will cover remediation needs, comprehensively. Courses will provide evidence of completion and performance.

Promethean Dental Systems uses advanced technology, like digital dental equipment and virtual haptic simulators, as part of the Remediate+ Program. According to the company, the machine does the grading. 

Scot Armstrong, the CEO of PDS, said of the partnership with the AADB,

“We want to support existing educational institutions and provide a new model of learning, the Simodont. We promote multimodal learning for all of our customers, which helps them learn faster and in more depth. We want to utilize the multimodal learning foundation to migrate dental

education to a model that uses dental fidelity and fair standards for machine testing and objective assessment, elevating dental education for students, faculty, administration, board candidate, and licensed professionals.” 

PDS is also partnered with three dental schools, two dental hygiene programs, and has partnerships in place with Kilgore International, CRDTS Testing Agency, multiple state dental boards, Modal 3D, Future DDS, and CRET.