Ron_RonconeRoncone Orthodontics International will hold the next round of its 3-session, year-long JSOP® (Just Short of Perfect) course starting in August. The course, led by Ron Roncone, DDS, MS, is designed to help orthodontists confront many of their practice’s problems head-on.

The upcoming courses will look at a number of issues not covered in previous courses, including the lack of pediatric dental referrals and how pediatric dentists are now hiring orthodontists; the lack of dental referrals and how they are doing aligners and 6-month smiles; group practices with their own orthodontists; corporate orthodontics; ownership of orthodontic companies by large dental and nondental conglomerates; the Gen Y (Millennial) effect; and the recession’s continuing impact.

The course, and/or the company’s full consulting services, aims to reduce patient days from 10 to 30 per year. Roncone Orthodontics International focuses on simple scheduling, converting consults, clinical control, error eradication, consistent communication, and establishing financial freedom to do this.

There are two upcoming start dates for the year-long course: August 6 to 9, 2015, and November 19 to 22, 2015. The course is held in Vista, Calif.