To further its mission of teaching dentists how to properly screenand treat sleep apnea, Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) has formed a newlab partnership with Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab to add a hands-on oralappliance overview to its seminars.

According to an announcementfrom SGS, Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab specializes in fabricatingorthodonticappliances such as TMJ splints, flippers, and retainers, aswell as functional appliances such as the Respire, Herbsts,Bionators,and Twin Blocks. Owner David Gergen has seen a huge demandby his dental clients to incorporate the treatment of sleep apneainto their practices.“I have been training offices across thecountry on the use of the Sleep Herbst and the Respire appliance," hesaid.

The next seminar with Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab will take place in Phoenix on May 4 to 5.

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