Zila Inc has acquired Professional Dental Technologies (ProDentec®), a privately held dental products company headquartered in Batesville, Ark, for $34 million, which will be paid in cash at closing. 

“This acquisition completes Zila’s transformation into a cancer diagnostic company focused initially on oral cancer,” says Douglas D. Burkett, PhD, Chair, CEO, and president of Zila. “Leveraging ProDentec’s national dental sales force and its compelling continuing education seminar series will allow us to fully realize the large market potential of ViziLite® Plus and future oral-cancer detection products.”

Zila believes that ProDentec will allow rapid growth of ViziLite Plus while the OraTest regulatory effort is completed, so that following its FDA approval, OraTest will be quickly launched through a capable and growing sales and marketing infrastructure focused on oral cancer detection.

The transaction is expected to close on or before November 28, and is subject to normal and customary closing conditions.

[www.zila.com, November 14, 2006]