In a recent survey of 128 dentists and orthodontists, 98% think feecapping by dental insurance companies for services they do not cover isan inappropriate business practice. The survey,conducted by The Wealthy Dentist, a practice-management and marketingblog, also found that only 2% of respondents think such fee capping is alegitimate business move.

"They are only feathering their own nests by being able to offer a lowerfee for non-covered services for which they do not collect a premium,thereby making the insurance plan more attractive to purchasers. Aparticipating DDS is then obligated to charge a lower fee, therebyenhancing the insurer’s chance of selling their plan," said oneorthodontist who participated in the survey. "If that is the case, then aDDS should get a portion of the premium collected for unwittinglyhelping the insurance company."

According to the Academy of General Dentistry,28 states currently have introduced legislation to stop insurancecarriers from requiring dentists to accept caps on fees for services thecarrier does not cover.