Whiter Image, Atlanta, now offers its line of whitening products to orthodontists.

The Whiter Image Premium LED whitening light features an aluminum frame supported by a rolling steel base for mobility. The three 5 watt LED lights provide 465-490 nm of visible blue light. The 16-pound, 5-foot tall light also features a control panel with a countdown timer.

The Whiter Image Premium Prefilled Tray features a 22% hydrogen peroxide formula and a preloaded foam absorption strip. The mouthpiece fits against upper and lower teeth for whitening. The tray also includes breathing holes designed to lessen saliva buildup during use.

The product line also features a light-cured, resin base gingival barrier, and Remi Paste, a naturally derived topical paste. The gingival barrier provides protection for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. Remi Paste is formulated to reduce sensitivity after teeth whitening procedures, while helping with demineralization.

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