For many parents, the decision to accept orthodontic treatment for a child is really a decision about coming up with the money to pay for it. As with anything that costs thousands of dollars, they’ll be wondering if they can afford it… if this is the right time to move forward with treatment… if they can get a better deal than you’re offering… and how, exactly, they will pay for it.

Any one of these questions can undermine your case presentation, even though the parents may not say a word about their concerns. This means that you and your TC must assume that financing could be a barrier to acceptance and take steps to preempt the problem.

Offer Payment Options… Emphasizing Outside Financing… to All Parents

By giving parents various ways to pay, you’ll enable them to justify the considerable expense of orthodontic treatment. Some will respond to a good “deal,” getting a discount for paying the entire fee by cash or check up front. Others will welcome being able to handle the fee with two installments. Many will be comfortable putting the charge on a major credit card. And studies show that a growing number of parents will opt for an arrangement with a reputable outside finance company.

Outside Financing Benefits Both Parties

For parents, this option means no down payment hurdle and the convenience of making affordable monthly payments over an extended period of time. For your practice, outside financing means collecting your entire fee right away, eliminating all the costs of billing and collections, and taking financial risk out of the equation. You’ll receive all these benefits in exchange for a reasonable deduction from your fee to compensate the finance company. From a cost-accounting standpoint, it makes sense.

Don’t let parents’ financial concerns prevent them from investing in a beautiful smile for their child. Make it easier for them to afford what their child deserves, with outside financing and other payment options.

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