Your treatment coordinator (TC) can drive your ortho practice to the next level…if you provide the support she needs to excel at her job.

In today’s economy, with ortho shopping so prevalent and more competition than ever, your practice needs to upgrade its systems—from referrals to starts—if you want to get more than your share of new patients. And it all revolves around the TC.

These are the areas you need to address for success:

  • Referral Marketing. Whether from pediatricians, pediatric dentists, GPs, parents of current patients, or your observation program, you need to feed a steady stream of prospects to your consult room. Even the best TC can’t sell treatment to parents and patients she never gets to see. Implement 15 or more ongoing referral strategies to fill the pipeline.
  • First Call & Welcome. Your front desk coordinator can assist the TC tremendously if properly trained with scripting. When she answers the phone, she must be able to start building value, exude warmth, gather information (including personal facts the TC will use later to continue relationship-building), and, of course, schedule the consult. She must also make prospective patients and parents feel welcome when they arrive… and hand them off smoothly to the TC.
  • Your TC Needs Excellent Training, Too. Whatever you invest in expert TC training will be repaid many times over in the form of starts. Your TC needs to learn a wide range of interpersonal and selling skills so that she can lead prospects step-by-step toward joining the practice… not only during the initial presentation but also in follow-up consults, which are common these days.

Provide this kind of support for your TC and she will be able to reward you well—with a 90% close rate.

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