The hacking group BlackCat/ALPHV threatened to publish data that it was ransoming from an attack on Henry Schein.

A hacker group who has claimed responsibility for the recent cybersecurity breach of Henry Schein threatened to publish stolen data if its ransom demands are not met, according to a report on

The group is known as BlackCat/ALPHV and has claimed to have access to 35 terabytes of data from Henry Schein. On a post on the hacker group’s dark site, it says it has re-encrypted the company’s files, reversing the progress that had been made in restoring the files.

According to cybernews, no data has yet been published but BlackCat/ALPHV publicly named the cybersecurity firm that Henry Schein is working with, saying that it was stalling for time and showing a lack of commitment to the negotiations.

In mid-October, Henry Schein announced that it had been the victim of a cybersecurity incident that affected manufacturing and distribution businesses. In an effort to contain the incident, the company took certain operations offline leading to a temporary disruption of services.

Typically, hacking groups exploit a vulnerability to access a company’s sensitive data and ransom it by threatening to publish it. For large companies, a ransom can be upwards of several million dollars.

BlackCat/ALPHV has extorted large businesses and even local governments and even claimed responsibility for an attack on the social media website Reddit earlier this year.

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