When patients enter through the door at Spark Orthodontics in Bethlehem, Pa, they are prone to a single reaction: “Wow,” according to Jason Hartman, DMD, MS, owner of Spark Orthodontics, a four-office family of practices in eastern Pennsylvania.

The wow-factor at the Bethlehem location starts from the ground up, literally. With 6,750 square feet, Hartman and his team of 18 employees are able to create a unique experience for the more than 100 appointments seen each day in the office.

Hartman_Design_2From the beginning, the Bethlehem location was designed to be distinct among the other three Spark offices. Construction began in October 2013 and was completed in September 2014. Prior to breaking ground on the new office, Hartman worked for 6 months with office design firm, Green Curve Studio Inc, Portland, Ore, to convey his vision of how the office would look, feel, and function.

“The design of my offices is something I take very seriously,” he explains. “Spark Orthodontics is experience-driven for the patient, and that starts with the design.”

In the last 3 years, Hartman has either built or remodeled each of his four practices. Therefore, when it came to the design discussion regarding the Bethlehem location, he knew exactly in what direction he wanted to go.

“We took into consideration how it would look to a new patient coming in through our door for the first time,” Hartman says. “Therefore, we designed the entry to be a warm, elegant, and modern room with a comforting feel, much like the lobby of a high-end hotel.”

The office features a vibrant color scheme that’s inviting and fresh. Specialty LED lighting fixtures that change colors are featured throughout, giving the space a fun appeal for kids.

For Hartman, aesthetics were priority, but so were the layout and functionality of the new space.

Hartman_Design_3“I wanted a clinical area that would flow for both technicians and doctors,” he notes. “For example, our 10 chairs are set up in three sides of a square, with the fourth side being the sterilization area. Our doctor’s nook is in the middle of the pass-through, so the doctors can see pretty much everything. Because it’s an open space, it’s easy to hear what’s going on and to jump in when a patient needs assistance. Also, the distance to walk from chair to chair is reduced because we don’t have 10 chairs in a line. We can cut through the square and be more accessible to our patients.”

Being accommodating to patients is the cornerstone of each Spark Orthodontics office. And the Bethlehem location does not disappoint.

Hartman and Green Curve designed the layout of the space so that new patients don’t have to walk through the treatment area en route to the examinations rooms. What’s more, the examination rooms, records room, and oral surgery suites are soundproofed for privacy.

The Bethlehem office features a number of nuances that are not common in most orthodontic practices. Each of which, as Hartman explains, is intended to enhance the experience for patients and their families. However, he notes he is most excited about the game and movie room.

Hartman_Design_4“I thought it was important to create a space where the kids could come and enjoy being in our office and to get away from their parents for a while,” Hartman says. “It’s also a relaxing place where parents can chill out and have some downtime for 20 or 30 minutes without their kids and have a cup of coffee and relax.”

Although screened movies range from Minions to Back to the Future or Top Gun, Hartman notes that a decent number of adults indulge in the entertainment space. “It’s pretty funny to see the adults in the room when there’s an older movie on that they enjoy,” he adds. “We realize they enjoy the space as well, which is why I wanted to have it included in the new office.”

Patients and their parents aren’t the only ones Hartman had in mind when designing the space. He also wanted to provide his team with an equally fun and relaxing space.

“We have a rooftop deck that’s only for team members,” he notes. “With tables, couches, and a gas fireplace up there, it’s a great space to take a break and get some sunshine and fresh air. It’s all about making the experience for the team equally as great as it is for the patients. I have a great team, and this is my way of showing how much I appreciate them.” OP

Lori Sichtermann is a freelance writer for Orthodontic Products. She can be reached at [email protected].