A new book offers marketing advice to treatment coordinators for attracting new patients, retaining current patients, and increasing productivity.

Luke Infinger, Hip Creative co-founder and orthodontist marketing expert, has announced the release of his new book, The Ultimate Treatment Coordinator, which provides marketing advice for treatment coordinators.

In the book, Infinger provides strategies for attracting new patients, retaining current patients, and increasing treatment coordinator productivity.

“It contains everything an orthodontist needs to know about maximizing conversions within their practice, and we are confident it will help them grow their business,” said Infinger, co-founder of Hip Creative. “This will be an invaluable resource for orthodontists looking to take their treatment coordinator to the next level.”

The book is geared toward helping treatment coordinators who are looking hit their production goals quickly and efficiently. The book contains actionable steps that can be taken immediately to improve results.

One section covers how to respond to leads in 5 minutes and schedule them within 72 hours. It also covers a 30-minute new patient consultation and a 5-minute presentation aimed at increasing case acceptance rates.

The book also includes advice for treatment coordinators to same-day start 80% of their new patient exams. The growth hacks were carefully curated to help orthodontists and treatment coordinators scale their practices quickly and see results.

Treatment coordinators play a vital role in the success of an orthodontic practice. They are responsible for the first impression a patient has of the practice, as well as their initial consult, treatment plan, and financial arrangements. Because they are the link between the patient and the orthodontist, it is essential that they be well-trained in order to provide the best possible experience for the patient, according to Inifinger.

Hip Creative is an orthodontic marketing agency dedicated to helping orthodontists grow their practices. They offer a wide range of services that can be customized to fit the needs of an orthodontic practice.

Hip has a team of experts who will work with treatment coordinators and orthodontists to create a sales process that will help them reach their goals.

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