Kaleidoscope wants to help orthodontic practices grow in popularity and profitability using social media platforms and is offering three plans to get clients there.

Kaleidoscope has launched three new options for orthodontic practitioners developing their social media marketing strategy.

“Social media marketing has become increasingly more important for dental professionals as a vital part of their overall marketing strategy. Research shows that 86% of people check out a practice online before making an appointment. What will they find on your social-media pages? Kaleidoscope’s social media marketing ‘spoke’ in our Wheel of Services provides a really fantastic digital capability for every orthodontic, dental and medical practice,” said Ted Teele, Kaleidoscope CEO.

Practitioners can choose from three options: Drive Yourself—clients utilize the Kaleidoscope platform and marketing content; Take Turns Driving—clients receive coaching and guidance from the company to promote the most engagement possible for the practice; or Cruise Control—clients let Kaleidoscope do all the work.

The company also points out that every business starts with a story, and posting messages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram regularly is an effective way to spread the word about orthodontic practice as the business grows in popularity and profitability.