AcceleDent-AuraOrthoAccel Technologies Inc, Bellaire, Tex, announced its partnership with Focus Ortho, a cloud-based practice-management system from Alabama-based Focus Software that enables AcceleDent® providers to upload patients’ FastTrac Usage Reports.

AcceleDent is a noninvasive, FDA-cleared, prescription-only Class II medical device that speeds orthodontic treatment by as much as 50%, according to OrthoAccel. Patients use the device for 20 minutes a day to enable the pulsatile force of the hands-free unit to accelerate tooth movement.

Since patient compliance is necessary to accelerate treatment, each AcceleDent unit records usage and has a USB connection that enables orthodontists to access the device’s FastTrac Usage Report. Focus Ortho software enables orthodontists to upload and store the report from the patient’s device into the practice-management system during a patient’s appointment to monitor compliance and predict treatment completion.

The new system was piloted by Apple Orthodontix, a 15-location orthodontic practice in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

“We approached Focus Ortho and OrthoAccel with the idea of integrating the FastTrac Usage Report into the software so that we could provide a more accurate treatment duration estimation for our AcceleDent patients,” said Chad Packard, president and CEO of Apple Orthodontix. “Since the integration, our doctors have noted many additional benefits, including being able to easily identify their AcceleDent patients in the system, more up-to-date patient profiles, and reduced paper waste.

While Apple Orthodontix was the first practice to benefit from the software update, it is now available to all Focus Ortho customers running version 2.2 of the software.