Orthoease™, a practice-management software provider for orthodontists, has formed an alliance with Transworld Systems Inc®, a company that helps recover uncollected fees from slow or nonpaying patients.

Muna Mustafa of Transworld Systems was named project leader and will be leading a team of staff members from both companies. This team will be responsible for implementing the solutions offered through the alliance between Orthoease and Transworld Systems.

According to Mustafa, there is an excellent fit between Orthoease and Transworld Systems. “This software integration will soon allow Orthoease clients to send their delinquent accounts to Transworld Systems with the click of a button from the Orthoease practice-management system,” Mustafa said. “Transworld is different from a collection company. We encourage patients to make payments directly to the orthodontic office. Transworld does not charge a percentage of collected funds like a traditional collection firm, but charge a flat fee per account which allows our clients to retain more of their recovered funds. This is a huge benefit for Orthoease’s clients.”

[Orthoease, March 11, 2008]