Zila, Fort Collins, Colo, has introduced the Rotadent® Plus rotary toothbrush. New features of the Rotadent Plus include three speeds, a brushing timer, and a charging base. The new model retains the 360° sweeping brush head with ultrathin microfilaments and the limited lifetime warranty of the clasic Rotadent.

According to Robert Tripke, DMD, “Rotadent homecare technology has proven to be an effective product for building practice and patient relationships by effectively educating patients and treating periodontal disease. By maintaining a 92% 3-month recare compliance, Rotadent allows for predictable oral health maintenance as well as predictable results. My patients are confident in the efficacy of Rotadent and are therefore more confident in my recommendations as their dental professional, which ultimately increases my practice profitability.”

In a continuation of a published 10-year study of the Rotadent rotary-powered toothbrush, Herbert Bader, DDS, from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine stated that, “Patients who used the Rotadent ultimately showed an 80% improvement in oral hygiene recare compared to patients who used only a manual or conventional power toothbrush.” Additionally, Bader said, “Patients using the rotary-powered toothbrush are able to effectively achieve good levels of oral hygiene without the need for multiple tasks, which increases compliance, making patients more apt to continue their daily prevention of periodontal disease.”

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