RecordLinc Inc, San Francisco, has released an electronic dental record solution for patient file-sharing, dentist-to-dentist communication, and dental practitioner collaboration. 

RecordLinc software was designed to create a bridge between dental practices so dental specialists, treatment coordinators, general dentists, dental labs, and all dental office team members can share and collaborate on patients’ files through an HIPAA-compliant application. The software can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection and enables real-time discussions and patient file-sharing.

This program allows doctors to upload dental records, collaborate on patient cases, and even form study groups. Gregory Burnett, DDS, a California orthodontist, designed the Internet-based application in order to maximize quality of patient care by making records more accessible.

According to the company, more than 600,000 dental professional profiles are currently loaded in the RecordLinc system, and the new software continues to be implemented in practices throughout the world. 

Future updates of the RecordLinc software are already under development. Forthcoming enhancements for the product will likely include patient and guardian access to the system, e-filing for insurance claims, pretreatment forms, online prescriptions, and an application to allow full integration into all leading practice-management software programs.

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