The new screening feature on the dental job board is intended to help dental employers expand their candidate pool and find better matches. 

The dental job board DentalPost announced the release of SmartView, a new screening feature designed to help dental employers expand their candidate pool and find better matches by reducing personal bias in the initial screening process. 

With SmartView, dental employers can temporarily hide a candidate’s name and photo while evaluating professional background and training. According to DentalPost, this process helps the hiring manager set aside their personal preferences and unconscious biases while reviewing the qualities that are most important to them in a potential hire—skills, experience, and assessment insights, rather than a candidate’s physical appearance, age, ethnicity, or gender. Once an employer is ready, they can rate the profile to reveal the candidate’s full profile details, including names and photos. 

“DentalPost has long been trusted and recognized as the first and biggest dental job board, focusing exclusively on the hiring and career needs of dental professionals,” said Tonya Lanthier, RDH, DentalPost founder and CEO. “We strive to also be the most fair job board, helping level the playing field for job seekers while positioning dental practices and dental service organizations to thrive by changing old ways of thinking and hiring that may not serve them anymore. With SmartView, we’re helping hiring managers get out of their own way in order to find the best matches for their practice and their team.”