In this week’s episode of In the Sterilization Room with Jackie, we start with some good news: testing is starting on possible vaccine candidates and a case study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association further backs up the effectiveness of mask wearing. 

Then, we talk about one of the issues raised in the AAO’s recent COVID-19 Town Hall (held live on July 28 and available on-demand to AAO members): What do you do if a team member is exposed to COVID-19. This is an issue In the Sterilization Room with Jackie has discussed many times, but there is still confusion about how to handle the situation. After all, it is complex and you want to get it right. So, infection prevention expert Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, walks us through the documents available from both the ADA and CDC to help you manage a COVID exposure or positive case. These documents can be extremely helpful when determining whether your practice can remain open. They can also be vital when reporting a case to your state health department. OP

Links mentioned in the video:

Additional ADA documents that you may find useful (Links in the ADA Return to Work Toolkit):

  • What to Do if Someone on Your Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19
  • Steps to Take if a Patient Reports COVID-19 Exposure After Treatment
  • Summary of Reporting Work-Related COVID-19 Illness for OSHA
  • Paying Staff Who Are on Leave Due to COVID-19

For more information: Watch what to do if an orthodontic team member tests positive