National dental staffing platform provider onDiem has introduced a COVID-19 records tracking service to help practices maintain compliance with complex vaccination mandates.

Practices can invite employees to upload documents such as a COVID-19 vaccination card, exemption request, proof of negative test, or upload those documents on an employee’s behalf. 

The software also allows practices to verify and approve workers’ documents and store them for future access.

“These mandates came on pretty fast. I kept finding myself in conversations with customers who were worried about their ability to keep up with all of the different compliance measures,” said Joe Fogg, chief executive officer and founder of onDiem.

Starting this month, onDiem is offering dental practices free access to its new COVID-19 records tracking service for a limited period.

The COVID-19 records tracking service is part of the larger Digital ID credentialing service that onDiem launched earlier in the year. The service uses automated primary source verification to monitor current state licenses and check compliance with regulating entities. onDiem customers who opt into the Digital ID service will automatically have access to the new COVID-19 feature.

“As employers of dental professionals ourselves, we were already working on expanding our Digital ID service to include a new solution that would allow temp professionals to share their COVID-19 records with us to confirm their eligibility to work in mandate states,” said Fogg. ”Extending that service to our practice customers just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Image courtesy of onDiem