By Roger P. Levin, DDS

Orthodontists must depend on their teams to handle a high volume of patients each day. What must teams depend on? Training.

Think about why training is so important…

Training Creates a Great Team. A group of talented individuals can work together in the same office and still not be a team. Only through training can team members be turned into a team. Only through training can a good team be turned into a great team.

Training also establishes a level of accountability when combined with job descriptions for each team position.

A Great Team Provides Better Customer Service for Patients. Parent referrals can only happen if there is a reason to refer. It all starts with excellent customer service. A well-trained team understands that customer service goes far beyond simply being nice. They know that superior customer service is about creating an excellent new patient experience.

Happy Parents Have a Reason to Stop Ortho Shopping. Parents tend to view orthodontics as a commodity. As a result, they are more apt than ever to consider many offices. A well-trained ortho team makes a deeply favorable impression on parents. A remarkable new patient experience enables parents to trust that your office is right for their child’s orthodontic treatment.

They Recommend Others. The most successful businesses recognize that word-of-mouth referrals from happy and satisfied customers lead to a growing customer base. If parents are happy with their child’s treatment and the practice, they will often be more than happy to tell friends—if a team has been trained to ask them to do so. Soliciting successful parent referrals can be as simple as letting parents know that recommendations are appreciated.

A poorly trained team can negatively affect ortho productivity just as easily as any other factor. In a difficult economy where ortho practices are coping with production declines, the need for team training has never been greater. OP

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