CP_DrMcNeal-2By Kimberly McNeal, DMD, MS, Plano, Tex

For the longest time, assigning the right torque for the molars has been difficult. We often find that added torque is needed in the posterior, but that same torque isn’t appropriate for the interiors. This mismatch of torques complicates treatment and requires specific wires and frequent wire changes. Utilizing 3D technology, Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ allows clinicians to introduce customized bracket prescriptions that limit the wires and dramatically improve the overall fit.

CP_Insignia_ormcoIn my experience, Insignia excels with molar torque selection because the approver software allows users to digitally upright molars and improve torque in the anteriors before starting. When I receive the notice from Ormco that my Insignia case is ready to approve, I go into the approver portal and I am able to look at both arches independently and view the occlusion in a step-by-step sequence. This planning step simplifies the archwire sequencing and greatly assists in achieving a more upright finish.

Orthodontics can be a bit like fitting a puzzle together, and Insignia provides greater visual perspective to better see where each piece should go. The end result is less archwire changes, shorter treatment times, increased patient comfort, and a more upright finish in the posterior that is more stable.