Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.04.32 PMAccording to Truenortho, Kent, Wash, to truly run an orthodontic practice means to be prepared for making strategic decisions and to know the vital statistics of the practice.

“[We’ve] figured out how to quantify these critical metrics. The baseline numbers you record this year are a vital ingredient to understanding your practice and measuring the results of any future changes you make for your business,” says Robert Haeger, DDS, MS, the company’s founder.

As Haeger explains, Truenortho offers the following components:

  •  Truenortho Survey – an annual survey completed by orthodontic practices throughout the country and internationally;
  •  Truenortho Report – a customized report for your individual practice with benchmarks against all similar practices (based on number of offices, associates, and collections);
  •  A second comparison of your business to the most profitable practices (top 20%) within your subgroup;
  •  Assistance in identifying which levers, if changed, will have the greatest impact on increased profitability and improved overhead control for your office.

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