Nancy DePaola, founder and CEO of Dynamic Administrators, a practice-management company in the Northeast, has launched the Women in Dentistry Association (WIDA), a network of dental professionals who will offer support and guidance for women dental professionals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

“Many women dental professionals were thrown into positions with little guidance and were left to sink or swim,” says DePaola. “In talking with many of them, I sensed their frustration at not having somewhere to turn for mentoring and assistance and trying to navigate what is a complex field. That is why I decided to combine my knowledge with that of other experienced industry leaders to help those in need who are seeking to provide the best for their practice and patients.”

WIDA will conduct a series of six seminars throughout the year, where members can participate in roundtable discussions and hear presentations from industry speakers. WIDA will also act as a resource for hiring quality employees and provide assistance on problem solving, practice-management issues, and operational issues as they arise. WIDA’s bulletin board will post job listings and allow employers to browse for employees. WIDA’s monthly newsletter will deliver the latest news and information and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

For more information, email Nancy DePaola at [email protected].
[www.dynamicadministrators.com, September 25, 2006]