Align Technology announced a new CBCT integration feature for the ClinCheck digital treatment planning software.

Align Technology announced the new Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) integration feature for ClinCheck digital treatment planning software.

The CBCT integration feature helps doctors confidently expand diagnosis and treat a broader range of cases with Invisalign clear aligners by increasing visibility and control of a patient’s underlying anatomical structures during the digital treatment planning process.

Using CBCT scan data integrated into the ClinCheck plan allows dental professionals to see crown, roots, and underlying bone structure from different angles.

“In an easy-to-use interface, CBCT scan data is digitally fused with an intraoral scan resulting into a maneuverable 3D ClinCheck treatment plan model, thus making it convenient for doctors to tailor their treatment plans based on their patients’ needs,” said Raj Pudipeddi, Align Technology chief product and marketing officer, executive vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific. “Our innovative technology delivers treatment plans with a highly intuitive user interface that allows doctors to provide the best possible care for their patients.”

The CBCT integration feature for ClinCheck treatment planning software is currently in technical design assessment (TDA) and will be scaled in phases across our customer population starting in the second half of 2022.