Dentsply_Sirona_PrimescanDentsply Sirona, York, Pa, has launched its new intraoral scanner—Primescan. Featuring a patent-pending digital impression technology, Primescan allows digital impressions to be taken of the entire jaw, and was designed for various digital workflows—with the laboratory directly in the practice, with CEREC, or in cooperation with external partners.

According to the company, Primescan’s optical impression system scans the surfaces of the teeth with high-resolution sensors and shortwave light, capturing up to 1 million 3D points per second. With optical high-frequency contrast analysis, these points can be calculated more accurately than before. Dentsply Sirona has submitted a patent application for this process.

Primescan allows users to scan deeper areas—up to 20 mm, allowing for digital impressions for subgingival or particularly deep preparations. A full jaw impression, including model calculation, is complete in 2 to 3 minutes, according to the company.

The handpiece features a heated exit window, providing a continuous fog-free working environment. The handpiece also includes a motion detector, which allows the camera to switch on as soon as the user removes the device from its holder.

Accompanying the intraoral scanner is the Primescan AC acquisition center which allows users to monitor the scanning process and assess the model immediately. Primescan AC features a modern touchscreen that pivots and swivels as needed to ensure a favorable ergonomic position.

Primescan was designed with hygienic safety in mind. It features smooth surfaces on both the handpiece and acquisition center, making cleaning easier, and a fan-free design that eliminates inaccessible areas that cannot be cleaned. Removable and interchangeable sleeves of various materials can be used with the device.

The digital 3D model can be transmitted to a laboratory via the new Connect software (formerly Sirona Connect), and can be further processed with different software, for example orthodontic treatment planning software. According to the company, the new Connect Case Center Inbox enables laboratories around the world to connect to the Connect Case Center. In the process, validated scan data from both Primescan and Omnicam can be received easily for further processing in the desired programs and workflows.