MouthWatch is offering the Amor Dental Comfort Soft soft tissue retractor under a collaboration agreement between the companies.

MouthWatch is now offering the Comfort Soft soft tissue retractor under a new agreement with Armor Dental, the manufacturer of patented, soft-retraction dental instruments.

Comfort Soft is a dual-purpose soft tissue retractor designed to provide a clearer view of the patient’s mouth while delivering a more comfortable chairside patient experience. The product also offers patients easier access, visibility, and focus when brushing at home to help improve hygiene between visits.

“Capturing clear, unobstructed images is essential to effective dental care,” says Brant Herman, founder and chief executive officer of MouthWatch and Dentistry.One. “Comfort Soft is an ideal aid for in-office intraoral imaging, virtual dental care visits, or post-procedure home hygiene care to help patients isolate teeth that require special attention. Comfort Soft can also be especially helpful for improving the oral health of physically compromised patients or other vulnerable populations.”

Comfort Soft is now available as an accessory for MouthWatch intraoral cameras and teledentistry solutions.

“We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with MouthWatch to strengthen the care connection between clinicians, caregivers, and patients,” said Cherie Le Penske, CEO, Armor Dental. “Comfort Soft, the newest instrument in our soft retraction portfolio, which is now being offered by MouthWatch, enables clinicians and caregivers to improve intraoral camera imaging, teledentistry exams and patients’ hygiene.”

Clinicians using the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera in tandem with the ComfortSoft retraction device are reporting a positive experience, according to the company.

Image courtesy of MouthWatch