Alphaeon Credit announced a partnership with Dentulu to offer patients financing for teledentistry services and referrals.

Alphaeon Credit, a provider of patient financing, has announced a new partnership with the Dentulu teledentistry platform to help patients access affordable financing for dental services both virtually and through referrals to participating dental offices.

With the partnership, patients can now use Alphaeon Credit to finance their teledentistry consultations, mobile dentistry procedures, prescriptions, and a wide range of at-home dental services.

Through Dentulu, patients nationwide can access salivary tests, sleep apnea therapy, and remineralization trays. The partnership compounds the benefits of expanding access to care through teledentistry by improving the affordability of dental care and allowing patients to receive care with customized payment plans.

“As a practicing dentist, I have used Alphaeon Credit in my dental offices for many years and have offered their services to my patients to help alleviate the financial pressures of dental procedures,” said Arash Hakhamian, DDS, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dentulu. “Both Dentulu and Alphaeon recognize the benefits of providing affordable payment options to dental patients and its tremendous role in helping improve the quality of patient care.”

Patients using Dentulu’s nationwide network will have the opportunity to access a limited amount of dental services virtually and at home through a “virtual first” model that allows on-demand access to licensed dental professionals through mobile devices and the internet.

Patients will also be pre-qualified for various payment plan options that will make their dental work affordable whether they decide to do it through teledentistry or Dentulu referrals to local dentists on the Dentulu network. The combination of affordability and accessibility will offer more opportunities for oral health equity across the United States, according to the company.

The two companies plan on launching their combined offerings in Q2 of 2023. They will continue to collaborate on innovative solutions to add ongoing value to the dental industry and the patients they serve.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dentulu to bring our patients a convenient and flexible financing solution for their teledentistry consultations,” said Tony Seymour, president of Alphaeon Credit. “Our goal is to help make quality dental care more accessible to patients, and this partnership is a big step in achieving that goal by expanding access to some diagnostic and referral care from the comfort of a patient’s own home.”

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