3Shape_DentalMonitoring3Shape, Copenhagen, has integrated its TRIOS® Orthodontics with Dental Monitoring. The integration allows orthodontists using the TRIOS® intraoral scanner to send digital impressions directly to the Dental Monitoring platform with just a click.

Dental Monitoring uses a digital impression to determine the patient’s current baseline tooth position. The application then enables both the orthodontist and patient to monitor an orthodontic treatment by aligning photos taken regularly with the patient’s smartphone and comparing them with the original baseline tooth position as identified by the initial intraoral scan.

The 3Shape TRIOS integration gives orthodontists using 3Shape orthodontic solutions an extra tool for monitoring treatment progress, and helps better engage the patient as the Dental Monitoring application actively involves them.

Orthodontists using 3Shape TRIOS can select Dental Monitoring from the list of integrated solution providers within the intraoral scanner’s software. From there, the orthodontist just needs to click to send the TRIOS digital impression and case information directly to the Dental Monitoring platform.

“The Dental Monitoring platform is an exciting new tool for orthodontists and for encouraging patient treatment participation. The smooth integration between TRIOS Orthodontics and the platform will make it much easier for more orthodontists and patients to take advantage of the innovative platform,” said Flemming Thorup, 3Shape president and CEO.

“The 3Shape TRIOS has an excellent track record when it comes to accuracy and user-friendly interface, so we’re very excited about the integration of our platforms,” said Philippe Salah, cofounder and CEO at Dental-Monitoring. “I think this integration is the next logical step in the development of our product. We strongly believe in simplifying access to the latest innovations in digital orthodontics and have always been committed to building bridges between different digital techniques.”