Kolibree, New York, is adding Rabbids®, characters from game developer Ubisoft’s popular video games and TV series Rabbids Invasion, to its roster of child-friendly teaching tools to help children learn to brush.

The integration of Ubisoft into the Kolibree oral health platform was announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Among Ubisoft’s brands is the popular Just Dance® franchise.

This marks Kolibree’s next step into a full library of oral health apps. While the Go Pirate game remains the flagship feature for children on the Kolibree app, along with the Coach feature for adults, Rabbids, which will be available in the spring, will be a stand-alone iOS app.

“We are very happy that Ubisoft has decided to work with the Kolibree platform and adapt their Rabbids franchise to help kids have fun learning to brush teeth better,” said Thomas Serval, founder and CEO of Kolibree.

Kolibree’s connected sonic toothbrush features 3D motion sensors to detect which teeth are being brushed and at what angle, providing real-time feedback and storing information to display a 7-day Check Up of how well a user brushes and whether progress is being made toward better hygiene. The Kolibree toothbrush doubles as a game controller. In this case, the better the user brushes, the more mini games are unlocked, such as running and javelin, increasing the user’s chances to advance.

Along with Rabbids, Kolibree is also introducing a number of new child-friendly colorful brush handles with intelligence that includes Bluetooth Low Energy, longer battery life, and refined features for more accurate reports that can be shared with a family’s dental professional.

Also on display at CES 2016 is Kolibree’s new orthodontic brush head that allows individuals wearing braces to more effectively clean their teeth to prevent those post-orthodontia cavities.