Planmeca introduces Planmeca ProOne, a small yet technologically advanced panoramic x-ray unit. The new unit is designed to be as easy to use as possible, while incorporating state-of-the-art technology. A wide selection of exposure programs and parameters are designed to make radiographic examinations of all kinds quick and easy.

To provide undistorted and diagnostically valuable radiographs, the form of the focal layer follows the scientifically defined shape of the human dental arch and jaw. The operator can adjust the shape of the focal layer according to the patient’s jaw size and shape. The unit’s imaging geometry eliminates shadows and ghost images caused by objects outside the image layer.

Side-entry patient access and an open view contribute to accurate patient positioning. The operator is able to monitor the patient freely from the front and side, so no mirrors are needed. Patient positioning is also aided by a triple laser beam system that accurately indicates the correct anatomical landmarks, minimizing errors caused by incorrect patient positioning. Images can be taken with a patient standing, sitting, or in a wheelchair.

Planmeca ProOne’s full-color TFT display has a graphical user interface that guides the operator with text and graphical symbols. In addition to the standard panoramic imaging program, Planmeca ProOne provides three special panoramic programs for specific diagnostic needs: Improved Interproximal Angulation Panoramic, Improved Orthogonality Panoramic, and Bitewing Panoramic using the improved interproximal angulation geometry. Planmeca ProOne also allows the selection of correct exposure format, minimizing the radiation dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes.

Being fully digital, Planmeca ProOne provides a wide range of tools for image processing and storing. Radiographs are available for diagnosis immediately after exposure.

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