The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO)recently met with representatives from the Brazilian Board ofOrthodontics and the Association of Philippine Orthodontists to discussthe board-certification process for orthodontists in Brazil and thePhilippines.

The meeting came as part of the ABO’s mission to assist othercountries around the world with board certification for the orthodonticspecialty.

“These meetings provided all three organizations with an excellentlearning opportunity,” said Jeryl English, DDS, MS (pictured, right),the immediate past president of the ABO. “The ABO will continue toassist other orthodontic certifying boards whenever requested.Ultimately, orthodontic patients will benefit as the number ofboard-certified orthodontists increases all over the world. The ABObelieves that an orthodontist is a much better practitioner if boardcertified and must recertify periodically.”

The orthodontists discussed board-certification issues, includingprotection of the public, how to prevent examination fraud,record-keeping practices, exam question issues, and digital records.They also discussed the possibility of a world board of orthodontics.

“However, it was acknowledged at these meetings that a universalspecialty board is not a realistic objective at this time, and evenreciprocity between board organizations is not practical, as there areno standards for educational requirements, the specifics of boardeligibility or board requirements,” English added.

Photo by Dimitre Photography