PreXion Inc,San Mateo, Calif, offers the PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage™ ScanningTechnology. The new cone beam imaging system reduces radiation exposureby up to 53% in an 8.6-second scan, according to the company.

The PreXion3D Elite features four new scanning modes. The "rapid"setting delivers an 8.6-second full mandible and maxilla scan for use inmost clinical situations. "High def" is a 16.8-second full mandibleand maxilla scan providing higher resolution and detail for difficultclinical cases. A "high res" scan takes 16.8 seconds and is designed fortargeted quadrant diagnosis. The "ultra high def" setting produces a33.5-second full mandible and maxilla scan providing the highest levelof resolution and detail.

The PreXion3D’s software also features fusion/stitching mode; a newendodontic tracing tool designed to help identify root structures with a0.2-mm marker; a new panoramic support in the PrexViewer DVD creator;improved diagnostic capability with slice thickness of 0.1 mm or 0.15 mmfor 2D protocol output; 32x and 64x Raysum modes; and an automaticdatabase backup system.

In addition, PreXion3D includes the GREEN environmental computer serverto reduce energy consumption by more than 50%, according to the company.

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