Carestream Dental is now making a seamlessly connected digital practice possible with IO Scanner Link, the company’s latest innovation that allows CS Imaging version 8 software to directly connect to third-party intraoral scanners’ acquisition software not developed by Carestream Dental.

IO Scanner Link leverages CS Imaging 8 as the core practice platform to drive efficiency and connectivity. By aggregating, storing, and managing all images through a single software and patient database, practitioners can optimize and simplify their digital dental practice workflow.

Within CS Imaging 8, an integrated button allows intraoral scans from supported third-party scanners and all the necessary patient data to be launched with one click.

When the scan is complete, the intraoral scan is automatically imported back into CS Imaging 8 to be used for implant planning through Carestream Dental’s Prosthetic-driven Implant Planning (PDIP) module, surgical guide design with Smop software, sharing with labs, or exporting to other third-party software.

“Making it easy for practitioners to use the intraoral scanner of their choice and giving them unrestricted access to their preferred clinical solutions aids them in optimizing their daily treatments through an efficient workflow,” said Philippe Maillet, general manager of imaging equipment, Carestream Dental.

Medit is the latest intraoral scanner manufacturer to integrate with CS Imaging 8 through IO Scanner Link. It will allow users of Carestream Dental imaging equipment and Medit intraoral scanners to integrate their favorite devices with a single click of a button. Medit scanning solutions support both Windows and Mac computers.

CS Imaging 8 also connects with Dexis intraoral scanners. In the coming months, Carestream Dental intends to expand the number of integrations to give practitioners even more choices.

Photo courtesy of Carestream Dental