Owandy Radiology will launch and showcase its AI-powered Ceph Analysis software during the 2023 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

Owandy Radiology, a manufacturer of dental radiology hardware and imaging software, will launch its AI-powered Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software during the 2023 Chicago Midwinter Meeting at the company’s booth.

Available as an optional module to Owandy’s I-Max Ceph panoramic digital radiography unit, the orthodontic software is available in a standard or advanced feature package. Both packages include an artificial intelligence engine to automate orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning for predictable results.

“Our Ceph Analysis Software was designed to simplify orthodontic diagnosis, simulate treatment plans and deliver predictable patient outcomes,” said Boris Loyez, Owandy company spokesperson. “This is all possible thanks to artificial intelligence.”

Owandy’s Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software includes the following features and benefits:

  • Fully Automatic Cephalometric Tracing: Owandy’s AI-powered tracing feature automatically finds soft and hard tissue landmarks, planes, and silhouettes on lateral or PA radiographs within seconds.
  • Radiograph Analysis and Image Superimposition: Analysis and patient images can be superimposed automatically or manually. The operator can manage how analysis is displayed, generate reports automatically, and visualize growth and treatment progress.
  • Visual Growth Projections: The skull growth projection feature will track skull tracing from the current skeletal age to a chosen skeletal age. Projections up to maturity are possible.
  • Treatment Plan Simulations: Ceph Analysis creates treatment plans by analyzing different stages of tissue softness and rigidity to simulate orthodontic and surgical treatment plans. The result is excellent prediction results.

Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software is not Owandy’s first application of artificial intelligence. In 2022, the company added AI to its QuickVision 3D software to enable auto-matching of dicom and STL files to create customized implant surgical guides easily.

Photo courtesy of Owandy