Carestream Dental, Atlanta, now offers the CS 9300-1, its dual-modality extraoral 3D imaging system.

The system features up to seven selectable fields of view for 3D images, ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm. The CS 9300-1 also offers 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology. The extraoral system is upgradeable, with an optional cephalometric modality.

With multiple fields of view for 3D images available, users can focus on a specific region of interest by collimating the field of view, allowing users to limit radiation exposure to patients. Additionally, the system’s scan times—as low as 12 seconds—reduce the need for retakes due to patient movement.

The system comes with Carestream Dental’s CS 3D imaging software pre-installed.

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