Instrumentarium_OP300MaxioInstrumentarium Dental, Milwaukee, launched the new OP300 Maxio Pan/Ceph/3D imaging system at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session in New Orleans. The system, which expands the company’s ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® product line, features new and larger fields-of-view for dental and maxillofacial imaging, and low dose technology (LDT).

The new expanded 3D field-of-view of the OP300 platform extends from 13 cm x 15 cm. This covers both mandible and maxilla to include airways and the upper cervical spine, or sinus area. The OP300 Maxio provides users with several targeted field-of-views as small as 5 cm x 5 cm to optimize the cone beam scan for single-site implants or localized diagnostics, while keeping the patient does at a reduced level. In addition, as will all OP300 systems, users can freely set the position of the 3D field-of-view based on the Region of Interest.

The OP300 Maxio also includes the new Invivo 5.3 software. According to the company, the software is now capable of combining digital impressions and CBCT scans for improved accuracy in treatment planning. Also included in this software release are new restoration tools to improve communication between dental professionals and labs. In addition, a new implant-planning tool is designed to provide higher flexibility and a more seamless implant selection and placement process.