KavoKerr_OP3D_ClinicalKaVo Kerr, Charlotte, NC, recently introduced the OPTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D. The entry-level 3D imaging system is a complete x-ray platform that can be used for a range of dental imaging needs.

OPTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D can be used for both panoramic and 3D imaging, and features tools that allow users to select the best resolution while optimizing patient dose, field of view (FOV) size, and region of interest.

Moreover, the platform is a sustainable green solution. According to the company, where lead is typically used for tube head radiation shielding, the KaVo OP 3D is designed with a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative providing equivalent radiation attenuation. In addition, the power save feature is designed to reduce a practice’s overall energy consumption.