Sirona, Long Island City, NY, introduces the HELIODENTPLUS Intraoral x-ray source. The HELIODENTPLUS is an intraoral x-ray generator for film-based and digital imaging. Users can switch from the film-based to the digital mode with the touch of a button. The arm assembly of the HELIODENTPLUS is designed to fit any operatory. Various arm lengths provide positioning for taking any intraoral image. The various controller options also allow for flexible installation requirements. The vertical mount can be incorporated in pass-through and central cabinet installations. Users can adjust exposure time and exposure settings, including the option to customize the preprogrammed exposure times. Two power settings are available: 60 kV for high-contrast images; and 70 kV for highly detailed images and a minimum radiation dose. The HELIODENTPLUS features a built-in power regulator and SIDEXIS XG software displays images in real time.

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