Photography by Bob Lancaster

COVID-19 has done more to change the look and feel of the orthodontic clinic than any trend or technology that came before. We at Orthodontic Products visited the practice of Richard E. Boyd, DMD, MS, to see how the practice has adapted to meet the moment. 

Boyd Orthodontics, located in Columbia, SC, is typical of most orthodontic practices. The 30-plus year old practice has continually been updated over the years, and currently features the modern open bay design common to orthodontic practices across the country. Both the team and patients efficiently moved through the practice on a busy day pre-pandemic. But since reopening in the spring, things have changed. A negative air pressure room was created. Barriers went up between chairs. And staff got used to donning a new level of PPE. Even the patient experience changed. 

For now, these changes are the new normal. The question is: Will they remain the norm once the pandemic is behind us? OP