ADA CDTAppThe American Dental Association (ADA) is offering dental professionals the opportunity to download the 2014 CDT dental procedure codes with the CDT Code Check mobile app.

According to the ADA, the CDT Code Check app—a subscription-based service—contains the most up-to-date information regarding CDT Codes, including 29 new procedure codes, 18 revised procedure codes, four deleted procedure codes, and seven changes to subcategories and their descriptors.

Features include a complete listing of 2014 CDT Codes, such as category of service, subcategory, procedure code, nomenclature, and descriptor, as well as a list of new, revised, and deleted codes with tracked changes so users can view up-to-date alterations. The CDT Code Check app also allows users to search codes via three categories: code number, keyword, and category of service. What’s more, the app provides the 2013 CDT codes at no additional cost.

Per the ADA, users will receive an automatic update invitation to purchase the 2015 CDT Codes when they are released. Users will be able to purchase the new version while keeping the code sets from previous years. This feature ensures users will have the most current information available directly from the ADA.

For Apple devices, users can access the app at the iTunes store. Android users can acquire the app via Google Play.