TeleDentists, a national network of dental providers working via a telehealth platform, is adding a new service—Dental Second Opinion. Offered through select partners, and directly at its website, a patient who has been prescribed an extensive dental procedure or treatment plan by their local dentist can use the platform to access an independent third-party expert who will confirm their treatment plan. 

“The TeleDentists Online Dental Second Opinion program offers you easy access to our elite dental specialists. If you have received a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment and want another opinion, our service can help you make a more informed decision,” said Howard Reis, CEO of the TeleDentists.  “A confident local dentist should welcome this option since in most cases we expect to confirm the treatment plan originally prescribed. Self-insured employers may also encourage their employees to get a second opinion before proceeding with an extensive procedure.”

The patient will need to get their dental records including x-rays from their local dentist and be able to transmit them to the TeleDentists. The patient’s records are reviewed by a general dentist and a specialist. The specialist will respond with a written report within 4 days (72 hours). According to the company, specialties include oral surgery, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetics, and more.