DEXIS-MacDEXIS, San Francisco, recently announced the full launch of DEXIS™ Mac, a new software that integrates the functionality of Apple products with the DEXIS imaging system. To better serve Mac users, this new software combines the DEXIS system into a native Mac platform that requires no parallels.

DEXIS Mac is compatible with the single-sized DEXIS™ Platinum sensor. According to the company, this software is 100% Mac-oriented.

DEXIS Mac features a quad view and quad control custom interface offering fewer and more meaningful buttons in logical groupings and functions, according to a release from the company. While navigating through the screens, only those options that are pertinent for that given function are visible.

The features of the new format are context-sensitive actions and an optimized viewing experience. Users can switch between mouth and history views, and all images for the tooth can be seen through the cascading images feature that is unique to this DEXIS platform. Clinicians also have the option to compare the same tooth’s images side-by-side for more thorough diagnosis.

According to the company, DEXIS Mac also provides “true integration” with Mac-based practice-management programs Viive™ and MacPractice®. DEXIS has retained popular features such as the Integrator, adding to its Mac functionality with ease of use with enhanced ease of access, quad control and filtering options, and the large images that facilitate diagnosis and patient understanding. The software also provides immediate access to the DEXIS go™ and DEXIS photo™ apps. Clinicians can view images and diagnose on the Mac, and then can switch to their iPad and communicate with the patients about those same images for educational purposes.