Using together the smart toothbrush and connected app technology, hum kids teaches kids proper brushing techniques and rewards better brushing with interactive games.

Colgate has introduced hum kids by Colgate, a product created to help kids learn proper oral care habits and to get them excited about brushing their teeth. hum kids’ smart technology is designed to make it easier to build better brushing habits. 

hum kids smart manual toothbrush includes a connector boot and interactive games on the app store. Through augmented reality, the brush helps kids guide brushing strokes with animated germs and bacteria to brush away, and rewards at each step when they complete a task. New themed masks are only a few of the in-app incentives to keep the kids excited. AR technology tracks the brush boot to connect to the hum kids’ app and rewards kids by unlocking new levels of games as they brush their teeth.

Available in yellow and coral, the brushes are replaceable. The smart manual toothbrush also has a thumb grip that is specifically designed for easy handling, extra-soft bristles for a gentle effective clean, and a tongue cleaner that helps keep mouths fresh.

“We first introduced our hum by Colgate smart connected electric toothbrush for adults last summer that personalizes, coaches and rewards people every day when they brush their teeth,” said vice president, marketing North America Bill Van de Graaf. “hum kids also features smart connected technology that’s proven to build lifelong brushing habits, making better brushing with hum easy, fun and accessible for the whole family.”