The VeriWash resin cleaning station is designed to clean more efficiently using less alcohol.

Whip Mix has introduced the Veriwash resin cleaning station. This new equipment is designed to be used in the 3D printed resin post-processing process. According to the company, its oscillating, multi-speed stirrer produces a tornado-like vortex and is built to guarantee efficient, effective, and powerful cleaning whether the units are individual or still attached to the build plate.

The two alcohol baths provide a step-wash system. According to Whip Mix, less alcohol is needed since users can reuse the alcohol from the fresh bath to the dirty bath.

Other product features include a mode, time, and start/stop button display, which gives the operator full and automatic control of the cleaning process. A mesh basket used in the wash container helps staff members keep track of small-printed parts when cleaning. The unit also comes with a 1-year warranty.