This collaborative buyback replacement program will swap orthodontic practices’ inventory of conventional dental wax with the OrthoDots product by OrVance.

Dental product manufacturer OrVance has announced its partnership with GC Orthodontics America to fund the replacement of conventional dental wax in orthodontic practices with its OrthoDots CLEAR brand.

OrVance says it is collaborating with GC Orthodontics America on a buyback replacement program that will swap orthodontic practices’ inventory of conventional dental wax with the OrthoDots product by OrVance, which OrVance markets as a safer and more hygienic option.

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

“Now more than ever, it is essential we support the advancement of orthodontic treatment with products that are hygienically packaged for safe patient and in-practice use and meet all other safety and compliance standards including tamper-evidence, product traceability, and Food and Drug Administration compliant labeling,” says Marc Katz, orthodontic division director at GC Orthodontics America.

“We are excited to offer practices OrthoDots CLEAR, which is far superior in performance, aesthetics, and is the only solution also designed to work with clear aligner therapy, which we know is a growing patient need. Commodity dental wax is deficient in meeting these standards, which is why we have taken the step of discontinuing traditional wax and fund a buyback replacement program with OrthoDots as the new standard of care.”

Ron Schutt, chief executive officer of OrVance, says he is “excited” to partner with GC Orthodontics America on the effort.

“Knowing how entrenched commodity dental wax has been in the orthodontic profession, we admire the leadership GC Orthodontics is taking in the industry to proactively address the obsolescence and noncompliance of this very commonly dispensed patient care product,” Schutt adds.

“We are proud that OrthoDots CLEAR offers the first hygienically packaged solution that is now the preferred product to maximize the comfort and satisfaction of patients with all types of orthodontic appliances — including clear aligner trays.”