The Awake toothpaste features a number of “invigorating ingredients,” including caffeine and matcha, while the Relax product includes ingredients known for their “calming effects,” like melatonin. 

Supersmile has rolled out its latest whitening toothpaste products. 

Its Awake whitening toothpaste features caffeine, matcha, B12, and other ingredients known to have “safe awakening and energizing effects,” according to the company. Meanwhile, its Relax whitening toothpaste includes hemp seed oil, melatonin, valerian, and chamomile—ingredients known for their “calming effects.” 

The Supersmile teeth whitening brand features the company’s proprietary Calprox whitening technology which gently dissolves the protein layer that stains and plaque adheres to. Calprox is included in both the Awake and Relax products.