Gestenco’s Alignerbox is a container for a patient’s aligners and orthodontic appliances made of a sturdy polymer.

Gestenco has launched the Alignerbox, made of a sturdy polymer and designed to provide orthodontists and their patients with an easy-to-carry- box for orthodontic appliances. 

The Alignerbox offers convenience and hygiene for the storage of invisible appliances, like the Rodneys aligner seaters and Pluckers aligner retrievers. Combined with these devices, the Alignerbox provides a practical kit for a patient wearing aligners or other removable appliances.

The Alignerbox features: 

  • 2 fixed mirrors in the lids – 1 magnifying and 1 normal.
  • A compartment with one Rodney aligner seater and one Plucker aligner remover
  • Easy to open and close with a smooth magnet locking mechanism.
  • Comes in different colors.

The product is made up of three layers. The upper layer has a flat and a magnifying mirror . The second compartment contains the aligner-seater and retriever. The bottom layer is the storage for the aligners. Each layer is connected via a magnetic lock.

The mirrors accommodate the patient when placing or removing the appliance. Also, through the three-layer structure various orthodontic appliances can be stored in different areas without interrupting each other and maintain a good hygienic standard avoiding cross-contamination.

Image via Gestenco